Once the busy season is over and the evenings start to draw in, most wet days you'll find me in the workshop (or sometimes my kitchen!), working with the flowers I've dried over the summer. Crafting dried flower wreaths, haircombs and decorations appeals to both my inner gardener and inner creative. I love to work with colour and texture to create unique pieces that showcase the delicacy and vibrant beauty of dried flowers.

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As the winter season begins, I shift my focus to fresh foliage wreaths. Winter is one of my favourite seasons, a chance to pause and reflect, and to celebrate the year that has passed. Growing up, my momma always made a fresh wreath for our door every year; an important part of the preparations for Christmas that always brought me a thrill.

The time-honoured activity of wreath-making feels deeply grounding and joyful to me. It is a slow and meditative process, working with foliage from evergreen plants and trees to create a symbol of enduring beauty. When I run workshops in Christmas wreath-making, people often comment on how enjoyable and satisfying an activity it is, and how easy it is to create something beautiful!

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